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The Handover Blog Carnival!

Greetings, All!

After participating in The Handover-Blog Carnival, I was lucky enough to get the opportinuty to be the host.  For those who don’t know what this is, long story short, I post a question to you out there in reader land, and you get the opportunity to write your own post about the topic.  At a certain point in time, we have a secret squirrell meeting over E-mail, giving you the rest of the scoop, and by the end of the month, Voila! Multiple posts from the best bloggers on the intranets!

My topic for this month is Introspection: Imagine for a moment you are retiring after a wonderfully long career.  A big party is being thrown for you, and your partner is going to give a speech about you.  S/he has been your steady partner for the last seven years if not more in a row, so they have seen your highs, lows, and everything in between.

Your mission, if you choose to accept this, is to write your speech through the eyes of your partner.  I want you to think about how you want others to remember you in years to come, but at the same time, how have you changed over the years.  For those who haven’t been in long, how do you hope you will be in 20, 30, or even 40 years from now.

This is a good opportunity to think about how you want to be remembered when your career is over.  This is also a good opportunity to to wonder just what your partners think of you.  Submissions need to be E-mailed to me by Sept 21st.  You can contact me at:

If you are wondering about the whole Blog-Carnival and how it got started, visit Rescue Monkeys’ page.  It is a wonderful read, so if you haven’t blogrolled it yet, please do so!

Once again, you have your mission, do you choose to accept?

Have Fun and Be Safe!

~M. Trommashere~