Archives for September 21, 2010

Housekeeping Items

1) First and foremost, thanks for reading my ramblings! Without you reading, I’d have no reason to keep writing.  So Thank you!

2) I have a spam filter on my blog.  I check it every day.  Some comments truly are spam, “Do you need viagra? I’ll get it for you cheap!”  While others have the most creative websites under their name, “”  or some other jumble of letters.  Most, if not all non-spam comments reach the correct “Approve Me!” folder and approval happens pretty much right after you send the comment. 

3) Comments:  I will approve almost anything, no matter how “Shao-Bashing” it may be.  I firmly believe in the First Amendment, so if you send me a comment about an article saying you hate it, and you don’t want to read me anymore, then fine.  I’ll still post it along side the, “I love your writing” comments.  What I will not post are attacks on my, or anyone elses race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious preference. I will not post any comment that includes any racial, ethnic, or sexual slur.  I could give two rats’ asses if it doesn’t talk about someone specifically, it will NOT be tolerated.  This is your first and only warning.

4)  Just reminding everyone: I do have a Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, and an E-mail address.  I can get all three on my phone and you can contact me in real time if you have any questions, comments, or concerns that you may not want to post out for everyone to see.

Facebook: Paramedic Shaolin Trommashere

Twitter: @MedicTrommasher


Other than that, I hope everyone is enjoying what I’m writing, and I hope I can throw out some more decent content here soon.

Have fun and Be Safe,