Bad Reviews

So, I got my first bad review on anything EVER a few days ago. I was checking out the articles I had written on and for the first time ever, I found a bad review. The review was only two sentences long, but said quite plainly, “This is the worst article I’ve ever read.”

I stopped for a moment and really processed the comment, “Worst Article Ever.” I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. Sure it wasn’t my best, but it didn’t suck that bad.

Anywho, the only reason I’m even writing about it is the sheer fact that, even though I got slammed like there was no tomorrow, it’s a measure of how much I’ve matured since I’ve started writing that I just didn’t care. I shrugged my shoulders, made a mental note about the things that the commenter didn’t like, took it as constructive criticism, and moved on.

Not everyone is going to like every little thing that comes from my brain to my fingers, but I can say the hundreds of good comments never go unnoticed or unappreciated.

So to those that enjoy what I write, thank you. To those that don’t, thank you as well. In the end, it’ll make me a better writer all around.

Have fun and be safe.


  1. Being a medic and being a writer are pretty much the same gig; you do it because you have to, not want to, there is no real tangible remuneration, you delude yourself to think you have control, and many appreciate but nobody tips!

    • Medic Trommashere says:

      You are so right; there are days where I feel I might explode if I don’t write something or don’t run a call. I don’t do either with the expectation of kudos or admiration. Some days it’s a good day when no one says anything. Thanks for the comment!


  2. People will say anything to get a rise out of you. I still remember my first, it actually made me cry. I never heard from that person again.

    Congratulations on getting your first negative review, the future ones won’t sting or make your head spin as much if that makes you feel any better. 🙂

    • Medic Trommashere says:

      It didn’t sting at all, actually. I started laughing so hard I couldn’t believe it. I think if there would’ve been something vaugely constructive like, “Your grammar sucks.” or “Your writing style leaves much to like.” I would’ve been more concerned, but picking out one or two phrases and chewing them apart, then saying it’s the worst article ever is like reading the first sentence of a book and declaring the book the worst ever.

      Thanks though, Stef!

  3. And you didn’t post the comment? Now I have to go looking for it?!? I love getting negative comments. Most of the time their nonsensical and worth a good laugh. And if they are well thought out, like you said, it helps me grow.

  4. Haha, I saw that! on your 10 pieces of advice thing? I read that article laughing my butt off and then I read the comment. I immediately pictured a cynical, snide coworker of mine. Some people just refuse to enjoy this job and be lighthearted about it.


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