Who’s Nelson Mandela?

I promise, I don’t plan on making this a waitress blog. I would hate to incur the wrath of Springs1…just…no.

Anywho, I will relate the more bizarre tales as I need some place to let them out. Tonight, it came over ESPN than Nelson Mendela had passed away. Very sad. I went to a table of adults…all were over the age of 40 to include military personnel. I looked at the table and made a remark about how sad it was that he passed. The person sitting next to me, a Captain in the US Navy, looked at me and said, “Who’s Nelson Mandela?”

I nearly dropped the beer I was holding. Who could not know who Nelson Mandela was?! I go over to the computer to enter in an order and one of the servers asked me what was wrong, as I was grumbling to myself. I looked at her and said, “This guy didn’t know who Nelson Mandela was!” She looked at me with a vapid expression and said, “Who are you talking about? I have no idea who that is.”

I have lost all faith in humanity today. I will now continue to assault my liver and kidneys with a few more glasses of Jameson… two fingers, neat.

Have fun and be safe.

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