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Twelve Years.

Sometimes life sets you up for something amazing, something incredible, something life changing that just takes your breath away. A chance post, thanking the EMTs and Paramedics who shaped me into who I am now led to a quick conversation with a Medic I haven’t seen or had a lengthy conversation with in over a decade…12 years to be exact.


I wrote about Byron as being the first Medic I ever ran an Arrest with. That was a life altering day for me. I remember the red, high wing back chair, her pink shirt, blue jeans…the weird brown shag carpet…I also remember the fear, the anxiety, the terror, and then finally elation after it was over.


I only worked with him for a year…a year to the day exactly…I know, odd memory. He went off to do bigger and better things, both inside and out of EMS. I stayed on my path and that was that.


Well, I got a rare Friday off and in a chance message to Byron, he said his band would be playing at a nearby bar. I kinda had a ‘why not’ moment; it seemed like a good idea, he was game for a reunion after 12 years…I got to go to a Guinness Bar and drink beer and listen to good music after a shitty week.


What I wasn’t expecting…it was a watershed moment. I wish I could write well enough to adequately describe what happened, but I can’t. I do wish someone would have caught the initial moment on film…I’m sure it was quite the sight. We talked, we laughed, we reminisced, we drank Guinness  (Told you) , I danced to amazing music with people I didn’t know, but I didn’t care. The moment was right and the moment was amazing.


I had three main Paramedics in my life that I could honestly say made an impact on the Paramedic I am now. They know who they are and how much I love, care for, and appreciate them for all I’m worth…which isn’t much. Byron taught me a whole crap ton of things I still do because, well, he did them and it worked, not unlike the things Lt. Dan and Buddha taught me. The other Medic is constantly there, kicking me into gear, reminding me that I am Shao. Fucking. Trommashere. I need that when I get lost in myself, get down on myself, whatever.


What I didn’t expect or really realize was how Byron had shaped my development as a Medic. It was weird…and scary…and fascinating when it sunk in.


So, a very random moment in my life turned into something amazing. I reconnected with an old friend who’s impact on my career I hadn’t truly noticed until tonight. I’m not really sure why I’m writing this other than to try to quantify what happened. In 48 hours, I’ve had my mentors, the Paramedics I aspire to be, kicking my ass over my doubts, reminding me of who I am and what I’m worth.  It’s been an emotional 48 hour Rollercoaster, but, strangely, it all came together tonight under a hazy dark sky while listening to a band play a song by Dropkick Murphys and drinking one of the most beautifully poured Guinness I’ve ever had.


Going tonight was my way of not missing my shot. I’ve swung and missed many times over 29 years, but one big thing Byron taught me was that, I’d miss every shot I didn’t take. Needless to say, I think it worked. I got to reconnect and laugh with someone I haven’t seen in 12 years.


Life is amazing.

Have fun and be safe,