Hell Hath No Fury…

I just wanted to address something I posted on my Facebook Page.


I received an E-Mail on Sept. 11 that read, in part, You can see the level of discrimination in the FDNY due to the fact that no females died during Sept. 11 in the Line of Duty.


I was floored. So, here was my response in its entirety:


First of all, what I usually say in response to e-mails like yours after I read through your website is that, while I thank you kindly for thinking of me and asking me to support your group, I only support groups that are for helping women pass the already established guidelines for the professional department they are applying for. I’m sorry.  I’ve been a 5’3″ female for my entire career. At no point in time did I ever ask for the standard to change because I am a woman. I have adapted, improvised, and overcome all obstacles set before me so that I could be the best Fire Fighter, EMT, and Paramedic that I could be. At no point in time did I ever ask for things to be “easier” so that I could pass. Sure, there are just some things that will never come easy to me; this girl will never sling around a Bangor Ladder like I watched my Brothers and even another Sister do and I certainly look silly carrying a HighRise Pack with half the hose dragging behind me…but I work through them to accomplish the task at hand. 


Now, in regards to you e-mailing me on a day where I take time to reflect upon what happened on 9/11 and pray for those who lost loved ones, Civilian and Public Safety alike in an effort to further your political agenda….


How. Dare. You.


First of all, there were multiple Female First Responders on scene…Brenda Berkman, an FDNY Fire Fighter, Carol Paukner, an NYPD Officer, and Regina Wilson, another FDNY Fire Fighter just to name a few that a 1.4 second Google Search revealed. There’s even a book called Women at Ground Zero which tells the stories of over 30 different Female First Responders who were at Ground Zero. There was even a documentary that was produced and shown in 2011 called “Beyond Bravery: The Women of 9/11” that profiled many different women who were there, fighting the good fight along side their Brothers. As for those who suffered a Line of Duty Death on that day:

Capt. Kathy Mazza with Port Authority

Moira Ann Smith with NYPD

Yamel Merino, an EMT With Metrocare/Montefiore Medical Center


Also, take into account the women who were Responders who died Post 9/11 due to injuries/illnesses caused by that day. Their deaths are considered Line of Duty as well:


Officer Louise M. Johnston, NYPD

Sgt. Claire T. Hanrahan, NYPD

Det. Carmen M. Figueroa, NYPD

Officer Madeline Carlo, NYPD

Karen Barnes, NYPD

Detective Sandra Y. Adrian, NYPD


Sadly, every year that particular list is going to grow, Men and Women alike. There are tens of thousands of people who have been diagnosed with Illnesses stemming from that day and unfortunately more come forward every day, even 14 year later. All of their deaths, from what I have read, will be considered Line of Duty.


So, before you run your mouth, spouting off some serious Bullshit, check your facts first.




Before it’s asked, no, I will not be telling anyone which organization it was. Emails back and forth this weekend make it seem as if this were the work of one individual, not on behalf of the organization. I will always be the first person to stand up and stand beside someone who feels as if they were wronged as a support system. I’ve been there, it sucks. What I won’t support are people who want the standard to be dumbed down so that one group or another can have an easier time. I’ve put my heart and soul out there to do this job…I’ve bled for this job…I’ve cried for this job. I didn’t ask for it to be easier. I have worked my ass off for YEARS to be able to proudly stand next to my Brothers and Sisters, knowing I can do the same job, with the same responsibilities and standards they have. I wear my patches and scars proudly.








Have fun and be safe,



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